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Our Goals and Accomplishments

Priorities for 2016-2017

  • Improve System & Service sustainability (endurance, effectiveness & efficiency) by providing strategies and tools for improved accessibility, implementing next generation network & voice; supporting a web content management system; deploying expanded device management services; and improving cross-training, documentation, and system architecture, deployment and monitoring
  • Enhance Customer Service through improved support goal & delivery, enhanced application development methodologies, a focus on collaboration with clients, and refined customer feedback processes
  • Clarify project and service priorities by leveraging Mission, Vision and Work Prioritization Model, and considering the direct link of resources to outcomes within a new IT Governance model.
  • Support Teaching, Learning and Research through expanded educational technology support, new physical & virtual learning spaces, creating new applications, and improved data storage services
  • Focus on innovation by leveraging UMN resources in new ways, retiring outdated / redundant services, and building capacity in emerging areas of need such as BYOD support, mobile apps, data analytics, online support, and virtual software delivery
  • Expand data security awareness on the campus by targeting specific audiences and issues with enhanced training and tools, and increasing messaging via social media, digital signs and newsletters.

Previous Goals

Selected Accomplishments for 2015-2016

  • Rolled out Virtual Desktop and Application Delivery for the student computing labs
  • Began surveillance infrastructure planning and funding development
  • Continued growth of Active Learning Spaces across campus
  • Started planning for Next Generation Network;  completed wireless network replacements, expansion, and enhancements; provided infrastructure planning for campus construction and remodeling projects
  • Enhanced Application Development through the use of new technologies (Agile, Mobile, Data Visualization); provided application support for 95 campus applications
  • Provided Educational Technology Support for 41+ Apps, 2,000+ Moodle Sites, and 1,100+ eGradeBooks; developed partnerships across campus (CETL, CEI, ATSS, Lib, UMD Technologists)
  • Completed significant progress on Voip telephone upgrade (71% done), including infrastructure, software and mobile options
  • Assisted campus units with IT Audits (4 units), PCI Compliance reporting, and Risk Assessments
  • Migrated 75 web sites into Drupal while providing support for 11 infrastructure instances; provided customer support and training through Drupal User and Tech groups
  • Provided significant technical support to the campus via the TechCenter/Help Desk/End User Support, with over 1,800 computer repairs and over 7,600 help desk tickets
  • Rolled out Computer Management services for Macintosh workstations and iPads via the Casper Suite
  • Provided system support for 400+ servers serving over 300 TeraBytes of data to the campus
  • Expanded Multimedia Hub Services with a new Sound Booth and Studio Production Space; provided service for 7 academic units, 53 academic departments, and 29 other units and departments
  • Continued work to support IT Accessibility across campus by providing training, hardware, and software

Previous Accomplishments