Accomplishments for 2010-2011

Improved Classroom and Learning Technology

  • Applied learning-space theory to improve learning spaces, including classrooms, computer laboratories, informal spaces, and online environments. 
  • Replaced aging projectors in approximately 30 percent of UMD general-purpose classrooms.
  • Provided high-definition digital video, wide-aspect projection, and improved sound systems in selected classrooms and computer labs.
  • Oversaw classroom infrastructure for Chester Park renovation.
  • Supported the Library's Learning Commons Initiative. 
  • Expanded support for class-capture and other video technologies.
  • Provided 24-hour computer lab access for students.

Improved Student Services

  • Participated in Welcome Week by providing workshops as well as support for student computers and networking.
  • Provided wireless networking in almost all residence halls and campus apartments.
  • Continued to provide information sessions at freshman orientation and parent's weekend.
  • Assisted students as they move to Google Apps for email and document services.
  • Upgraded student computing labs to Windows 7.
  • Continued to provide technical support for students through our TechCenter.

Improved Services and Support for Customers

  • Developed technology orientation session for new employees.
  • Assisted all students, faculty, and staff to move to Google Apps for Education. This provided email, calendar, and collaboration tools for all members of the UMD campus community.
  • Improved customer service by setting clear priorities, focusing on fewer projects at one time, and meeting deadlines.
  • Provided expanded Tech Camp opportunities for faculty.
  • Revamped the ITSS web site to incorporate new templates and improve organization.
  • Streamlined the TechCenter process for receiving, repairing, and returning computers to their owners. 
  • Developed or improved online customer service request forms.
  • Improved the ITSS physical environment, policies, and procedures to demonstrate inclusiveness. Emphasized the value of information technology to all people, regardless of ethnicity, cultural background, gender, and sexual orientation. 
  • Continued to provide consulting and programming services to campus units, and transform their needs into project and program support.
  • Continued to provide timely, consistent management reporting from University data assets.

Improved Fiscal Management

  • Revised our rates for FY2012 based on ISO principles and regulations.
  • Developed policy, procedures, and rates for database applications.
  • Reviewed business processes for compliance and efficiency improvement.
  • Improved ISO inventory compliance and reporting for resale materials.

Improved Computer, Network, and Physical Security

  • Expanded use of encryption and secure wireless on campus laptops and other devices that require additional security. 
  • Worked to bring the campus into compliance with the new University Policy on Securing Private Data, Computers, and Other Electronic Devices
  • Provided automated desktop security management to Windows desktops and laptops through Active Directory.
  • Improved description of server support options. Encouraged migration of department-owned servers to secure ITSS server space.
  • Provided support for building automation systems used by Facilities Management.
  • Completed biannual review of credit-card workstations.
  • Assisted campus units in preparing for PCI penetration testing.
  • Exercised and updated operational continuity plan.
  • Completed annual security review of critical applications.
  • Automated some processes for responding to reports of security problems or inappropriate use of computers on the UMD network.

Improved Campus Infrastructure

  • Improved high-speed connectivity to the Internet and to remote campus locations. 
  • Maintained high availability, scalability, service continuity, security, and data integrity of network and system infrastructure.
  • Worked with regional partners on the Middle Mile Project, which will use stimulus funding for improved network connections for remote locations. 
  • Participated in renovation of Chester Park.
  • Continued to upgrade computer systems using clustering and mirroring techniques to provide maximum up-time.
  • Expanded the use of virtual server technology to improve efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Extended the capacity of the email system in order to provide quality service during the transition to Google.

Improved Working Environment for ITSS Staff

  • Continually reviewed and revised the ITSS staff handbook. Regularly reviewed all ITSS policies.
  • Improved social opportunities and built community within the ITSS staff.
  • Encouraged staff training and professional development.
  • Provided a working environment for staff that encourages them to remain employed at ITSS.
  • Continued to emphasize importance of a healthy and safe working environment for staff.
  • Established a Moodle training site for ITSS student employees.
  • Improved orientation and training processes for ITSS student employees.

Participated in Campus Life

  • Participated in the UMD strategic planning initiative.
  • Guided and enhanced the use of technology across the UMD community.
  • Maintained strong collaboration and coordination between IT staff within UMD units, ITSS, and University of Minnesota technology units.
  • Met and coordinated activities with our campus partners: Academic Technologists, Library, Facilities Management, Academic Support and Student Life, and Campus Stores.
  • Contributed to campus governance and activities by serving on committees, task forces, commissions, etc.

Technology Development

  • Responded to the expanding needs of users with mobile devices, including smart phones, iPads, and net books. Provided instructions for interfaces with UMD systems, and adapted UMD web sites for smaller form factors. 
  • Reviewed the IT landscape for useful emerging technologies.
  • Researched and implemented encryption for wireless data transmissions.
  • Investigated shared software distribution methods for student-owned computers.
  • Improved and expanded virtual server environment.
  • Participated in planning for system-wide network subscriber management project.