Accomplishments for 2011-2012

Improved Classroom and Learning Technology

  • Applied learning-space theory to improve learning spaces, including classrooms, computer laboratories, informal spaces, and online environments. 
  • Completed a pilot of centralized control of classroom technology through classroom control systems. 
  • Oversaw classroom infrastructure for building and reconstruction projects: Montague Hall
  • Supported the comprehensive plan for learning and teaching support that includes such things as a center of teaching and learning, a writing center, tutoring services, and a library commons area. [UMD-SP 1.7]
  • Expanded support for class-capture and other video technologies using the Kaltura platform.
  • Assisted faculty with applications of Google Apps.
  • Participated in the University-wide conversion from WebVista to Moodle for course information. Provided local support for faculty to convert their class information.
  • Encouraged and supported course redesign projects to include active learning strategies, best practices, and alternate modes of delivery. [UMD-SP 1.5]
  • Continued support for online and hybrid learning environments. 
  • Refreshed the technology in approximately one-third of UMD general-purpose classrooms.

Improved Student Services

  • Participated in Welcome Week by providing workshops as well as support for student computers and networking.
  • Completed wireless networking in residence halls and campus apartments.
  • Supported the development and dissemination of a campus definition of equity, diversity, and social justice and share these understandings with all students, staff, and faculty. [UMD-SP 2.1]

Improved Services and Support for Customers

  • Improved customer service by setting clear priorities, focusing on fewer projects at one time, and meeting deadlines.
  • Improved the ITSS physical environment, policies, and procedures to demonstrate inclusiveness. Emphasized the value of information technology to all people. [UMD-SP 2.6 and 6.3]
  • Promoted the effective use of technology and information resources in teaching and learning, research and creative endeavors, outreach activities, and support of University business. [UMD-SP 6.5]
  • Improved web services, including replacement of primary web servers, upgrade of all software, and expanded support for database-driven web applications.
  • Expanded services to users with mobile devices, including smart phones, iPads, and net books. Provided access to UMD web sites for smaller form factors. 
  • Enhanced the Active Directory environment to provide software management for desktop computers.
  • Supported the development of a strong and consistent brand and visual identity for UMD. [UMD-SP 5.6]

Improved Fiscal Management

  • Revised our rates for FY2013 based on ISO principles and regulations.
  • Completed audit and review business processes for compliance and efficiency improvement.
  • Improved ISO inventory compliance and reporting for resale materials.

Provided Effective Application Development Support and Services

  • Continued to provide consulting and programming services to campus units, and transformed their needs into project and program support.
  • Continued to provide timely, consistent management reporting from University data assets and transition into using enterprise business intelligence reporting tools.
  • Researched new programming development technologies.
  • Utilized change and project management processes to improve customer application development and project support. 

Improve Computer, Network, and Physical Security

  • Expanded use of secure wireless on campus laptops and other devices that require additional security. 
  • Worked to bring the campus into compliance with the University Policy on Securing Private Data, Computers, and Other Electronic Devices
  • Established a logging service for servers.
  • Encouraged migration of department-owned servers to secure ITSS virtual server space.
  • Exercised and updated operational continuity plan.
  • Completed annual security review of critical applications.
  • Automated processes for responding to reports of security problems or inappropriate use of computers on the UMD network.
  • Collaborated with the Office of Information Technology to implement the Sandvine solution for improved network security management. 

Improved Campus Infrastructure

  • Improved high-speed connectivity to the Internet and to remote campus locations. 
  • Worked toward establishing UMD as an anchor tenant for a regional fiber optic hub. [UMD-SP 6.2]
  • Led the campus to more efficient use of server equipment and facilities. Encouraged the use of virtual servers, energy-saving solutions, and shared data center and server rooms. 
  • Improved disaster recovery by implementing new virtual server backup and recovery systems.
  • Began to use Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) processes at UMD ITSS to improve response to incidents and problems and manage change more effectively. 
  • Participated in the University-wide identity management project, including conversion of ITSS authentication systems.
  • Participated in all campus renovation and building projects: Montague Hall.
  • Invested in UMD infrastructure and communication upgrades to more actively promote the athletic, recreational, and cultural opportunities available on and off campus. [UMD-SP 6.6]

Improved Working Environment for ITSS Staff

  • Continually reviewed and revised ITSS staff handbook. Regularly reviewed ITSS policies.
  • Reallocated staff and equipment resources from email services to web, database, security, and programming services following the campus conversion to Google Apps.
  • Reallocated staff and equipment resources from Novell services to Active Directory services following the campus conversion to Active Directory. 
  • Hired replacement staff.
  • Emphasized social justice to support recruitment, retention, and support of ITSS staff and student employees. [UMD-SP 2.2]
  • Continued to improve the ITSS physical environment, policies, and services to better demonstrate our commitment to inclusiveness and social justice. Emphasize the value of information technology to all people. [UMD-SP 2.6]
  • Worked to build community and respect within the ITSS staff.
  • Encouraged staff training and professional development.
  • Continued to emphasize importance of a healthy and safe working environment for staff.

Participated in Campus Life

  • Worked to guide and enhance the use of technology across the UMD community.
  • Maintained strong collaboration and coordination between IT staff within UMD units, ITSS, and University of Minnesota technology units.
  • Met and coordinated activities with our campus partners.
  • Contributed to campus governance and activities by serving on committees, task forces, commissions, etc.
  • Contributed to campus sustainability efforts. [UMD-SP 6.8 and 6.9]

Technology Development

  • Reviewed the IT landscape for useful emerging technologies.