Use Pope Tech to Improve Accessibility

Aug 13, 2022

A new accessibility tool is  available to University of Minnesota  website editors who use Drupal.

Pope Tech is an enterprise-level web accessibility evaluation system powered by WebAIM's WAVE tool.

What does it do?

Pope Tech will crawl websites and report back on accessibility errors and issues. It provides a comprehensive dashboard that helps you quickly locate accessibility issues on your website so that you can fix them or report them to your website administrator to address. With Pope Tech you can:

  • See comprehensive reports on accessibility errors and alerts on your website.
  • Set up scheduled scans of your website to continually monitor accessibility.
  • Locate specific accessibility errors and get guidance on how to resolve those errors right from the tool.
  • Crawl and scan both development and production sites.

How do I get access?

To access Pope Tech, contact the Group Manager(s) for your unit. If you do not know who your Group Manager is, email Andy Manteuffel, [email protected].

How do I use it?

Visit Log in and Get Started to begin making your website more accessible. For any questions or concerns with using Pope Tech, please email [email protected].

Pope Tech documentation is available:

Where can learn more?

PopeTech/WAVE and Drupal accessibility will be part of the 7 Core Skill Pledge Course. On the the first Thursday of every month the Accessible Academic Technology Team (AATT) will be hosting a Zoom Drop-in & Demo on an accessibility topic:

  • September 1: Headings
  • October 6: Lists
  • November 3: Images & Alternative Text
  • December 1: Links
  • February 2: Video & Audio
  • March 2: Color & Contrast
  • April 6: Tables

Sign up on the UMD Accessibility Pledge: 7 Core Skills Form.