Rethink AD / Jamf to Secure Your Devices

Nov 20, 2019

Active Directory and Jamf not only protect your data and devices but also offer improved user experience.

Active Directory (AD) services were rolled out to the UMD campus almost 10 years ago and Jamf followed a few years later. While their primary purpose has remained constant (securing devices and data), both the delivery and expectations have changed since the original deployments:

  • Updates in operating systems, hardware and software have made the tools less obtrusive and created a better user experience.
  • Expanded security standards have made it crucial to use enterprise tools to manage devices for compliance.

Better User Experience

Devices managed today by AD/Jamf provide security without limiting usability. A number of changes have improved the user experience:

  • Permanent elevated (admin) access, rolled out with Windows 7, allows users to install software and printers as needed. No need to call the Help Desk or sign in multiple times.
  • Enterprise Connect for Jamf provides a single sign-on experience for Mac users. It also maps your AD file shares on your device and simplifies printer setup.
  • Faster Solid State Drives (SSDs) have eliminated any slowness on encrypted hard drives, while AD/Jamf securely store your encryption keys.

Updated Security Standards

The new University security policy approved in July includes a standard on Systems and Device Management that states:

Systems and devices must be managed to help protect the University's data and network.

AD and Jamf automate this management process and remove the burden from the individual user to:

  • Install operating system and application patches;
  • Manage the configuration of the system;
  • Maintain up-to-date anti-virus protection;
  • Encrypt the device data and securely store the encryption key.

Enroll Today

AD/Jamf services are here to support you and your work within the University while protecting your data and devices. Enrollment is quick and painless.


Contact the ITSS Help Desk today to enroll your devices for better security and peace of mind.