Summer Classroom Technology Updates

Apr 29, 2022

Learn how UMD General Purpose Classrooms will be upgraded to meet our standards.

Over the past 2 years ITSS has upgraded and standardized Audio Video (AV) technology. This was to make our General Purpose Classrooms more functional and useful for today's teaching and learning needs.

Upgrades to Meet Standards

This summer all our General Purpose Classrooms will be upgraded to our General Purpose Classroom Standards if they don't already meet them. This includes:

  • Wired HDMI connections to projectors
  • Wireless presentation (via Airtame) to connect to projectors
  • Updated projectors
  • Updated control systems
  • Zoom peripherals (document cameras and boundary mics)
  • Securing AV equipment in podiums to help lower the amount of classroom issues. This means podium keys will no longer be needed to access classroom equipment
  • Gooseneck mics in all rooms with a capacity of 50 and greater
  • Wireless mic receivers in all rooms with a capacity of 50 and greater. Instructors can buy headsets and packs from the UMD Bookstore.
  • Removing old SMART Boards and installing new interactive projectors or monitors where needed
  • Removing DVD players from the classroom podiums. Instructors will have the following options:
    • Keep a portable DVD player to bring to class as needed
    • Check out a portable DVD player when there is infrequent use.
    • Apply to have existing DVD academic content digitized at no cost.
    • Please complete the Options for DVD use in General Purpose Classrooms form to have someone contact you about these options.

Ongoing Improvements

ITSS is continuing to assess specific individual classroom needs.  We will deploy adjustable height podiums, interactive monitors, interactive projectors, and other technologies throughout our General Purpose Classrooms.

We are also aiming to improve the visibility and accessibility of our classrooms. This will be done by improving screen locations and sizes in classrooms as well as modifying writing boards in some of the classrooms.

What's Next?

Stay tuned for more information about summer General Purpose Classrooms and large lecture hall projects, as well as opportunities to test your classroom set up before the fall term begins.

Questions or Comments?

Please contact the ITSS HelpDesk at [email protected] or (218) 726-8847. We always welcome your questions and comments.