Transition in Digital Signage Support in June 2023

May 27, 2022

Classroom Technology Services plans to end Carousel support. New digital sign requests are on hold until a replacement is found.

ITSS is aware of Twin Cities Classroom Technology Services' (CTS) plan to end Carousel support. We are waiting for more information from CTS about:

  • Potential transition options including Carousel Cloud
  • Their anticipated support abilities

We will be working with campus leadership to review UMD's digital signage policy. It will influence a new digital signage solution.

UMD digital signs are reviewed and approved by UMD administration before being purchased and installed. Digital Signage outlines the UMD procedure. For now, new digital signage requests are on temporary hold.

Notice from Twin Cities CTS

CTS currently supports digital signage as an enterprise service. They have stated:

Carousel recently announced that their flagship product Carousel Server 7, the software currently in use on the CTS digital signage infrastructure, will be reaching software & technical support end-of-life (EOL) on December 31, 2022. Due to the absence of a cost-effective replacement option and insufficient internal support resources, the difficult decision has been reached by ASR/CTS leadership to discontinue our administration of digital signage software services. The final day of Carousel Server 7 operation by CTS will be 6/30/2023. Until this date, your Carousel signage channel will continue to operate normally (barring any unforeseen post-EOL complications), but after this date you will need to configure your player(s) with an alternative platform.