Reminder: Clock's Ticking for UMD Websites

Apr 22, 2021

All websites must be migrated onto Drupal 8 before May 14, 2021.

Details of the migration were explained in last month's newsletter, which stated:

As UMD completes its Drupal upgrade, we need UMD website owners and contributors help to get all websites migrated onto the new Drupal 8 platform before May 14, 2021.

Is My Site Affected?

If you edit a collegiate website, chances are you've already been in Drupal 8 for awhile. Many other UMD websites have also completed the move to Drupal 8. But if you contribute to a "champ" website and still haven't upgraded, we need you to do so soon.

Actions to Take

While ITSS has done most of the heavy lifting to get you onto the new and improved platform, there are still a few things site owners will need to do.

  1. Attend a Drupal 101 Training session.
    We are requiring training for all users new to Drupal 8. Anyone who will be editing your site will need to attend one of our training sessions via Zoom. This is when we'll show you exciting new features like the Fowell Design system and grant you access to your brand new site.
  2. Review your new site and make any necessary changes.
    Has some content changed since we manually moved your site? Are your links up-to-date? Make those last few edits and adjustments before your new site goes live.
  3. Email [email protected] and let us know your new site is ready to go live!
    Your new site won't go live until you give us the go ahead. Once we get the okay, we'll set up a redirect so visitors trying to reach your old site get sent to your Drupal 8 site. We'll also make sure your new site gets indexed by search engines and handle all the other important tech magic on your behalf.
  4. Continue your new site's optimization.
    A website is never set in stone. So after your new Drupal 8 site is live continue to enhance it. University Marketing and Public Relations can help with search engine optimization, site architecture, and other content review and support.

The sooner you work with us to make your new site live, the less work you'll need to do to sync your old (existing) site up with the new one. And the sooner you move, the sooner you'll be able to start taking advantage of all the great new design features!

Stay in the Loop

If you'd like to stay in the loop on UMD website upgrades and options, consider joining the Drupal Users Group. We appreciate your continuing efforts to make UMD's websites informative, attractive, and accessible. We are here to support you.


Please come to a Drupal Drop-in or email the ITSS help desk at [email protected].