24 Hours of Live-Streamed Accessibility Talks

Aug 3, 2022

The latest Inclusive Design 24 event starts September 22 at 6:30 PM Central Time and provides 24 hours of around-the-clock webinars.

Since 2014 this community event has celebrated inclusive design. It brings 24 hours of continuous free, online, accessible talks dedicated to inclusive design and development.

It shares knowledge and ideas from analogue to digital, from design to development, from planners to practitioners, and everything and everyone in between.

A new webinar starts every hour on the hour. You can tune in for any live presentation. Or you can watch it on YouTube after the event.


As stated on the Inclusive Design 24 website, topics include:

  1. The Recipe for Making Accessible Widgets
  2. Empathy is broken - Moving from cognition to compassion
  3. Inclusive Persona Extension
  4. Overlays Underwhelm
  5. Really inclusive online conferences
  6. Web Accessibility for Speech Recognition users - A pragmatic approach
  7. The UX of accessibility checklist
  8. Practical Styling in Forced Colors Mode
  9. Tips and tradeoffs to designing accessible escape rooms
  10. Power and Participation in Research
  11. The indisputable truth about accessibility
  12. How to be inclusive to neurodiverse people
  13. Dangerous Design: Why We Need to Think about Design Ethics
  14. Let's stop making each other feel stupid
  15. Making the web a more welcoming place for minority languages
  16. Trauma-informed Website Design
  17. Design on the Spectrum: Creating a More Inclusive Workplace
  18. Removing Bias with Wizard of Oz Screen Reader Usability Testing
  19. Beyond the Water's Edge: Integrating DEI Into Orgs' External-Facing Work
  20. Performative Equity & Inclusion
  21. A designer's guide to documenting accessibility
  22. An inclusive design workflow for teams
  23. 360° Accessible Book Publishing
  24. Building UX research practices for inclusion

For the full schedule, and session descriptions please check the Inclusive Design 24 Schedule.

How to Join

No sign-up. No registration. All sessions will be streamed live and publicly on YouTube. Live captions for each session will be available.


If you have questions during the webinars, tweet them to @id24conf using the #id24 hashtag.