Interactive Display Pilot for Spring 2022

Jan 3, 2022

2 types of interactive displays have been installed in 9 classrooms. Learn all about them.

ITSS Academic Technology Team is hosting a limited pilot of interactive display technologies for Spring 2022.

What is an Interactive Display?

Interactive displays allow faculty and students to markup slides, annotate webpages, and control their laptops from their display screen.

2 Types in the Pilot

The pilot features 2 different display technologies:

  1. Samsung Flip Display: A digital interactive monitor that can serve as an interactive whiteboard and touchscreen. These have been installed in:
    • Bohannon 108
    • Humanities 470
    • Humanities 484
    • Kirby Plaza 312
    • Marshall W. Alworth Hall (MWAH) 191
    • Solon Campus Center 120
  2. Epson Interactive Display: An interactive projection and whiteboard system has been installed in:
    • Heller Hall 306
    • Swenson Science Building 115
    • Voss Kovach Hall 201

Learn More

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