Introducing Secure Printing

Feb 26, 2019

Increase security and productivity while cutting costs.

What is It?

"Secure Print" is a way to send documents to a printer where it is held until you are ready to pick it up. Most larger multi-function copiers have this capability. So if you have access to one, this likely applies to you.

Why is This a Good Thing?

There are lots of reasons for secure printing. The following are 3 of them:

1. Increases Security

Your documents aren't intercepted or mixed up with someone else's. They are held securely on the printer. They are only printed once you are present. This eliminates rushing to the printer to try to retrieve your pages before someone else does.

2. Reduces Trial-and-Error Printing

If something goes wrong (forgot to set two-sided? printing in color when black and white will do?), you can quickly interrupt the initial printing.

3. Saves Money and Resources

Secure print reduces unnecessary reprints, saving paper and toner (and your time). It can also help to reduce the overall printer footprint on campus, which reduces energy, maintenance, and supply costs for the University. Plus, you can recover office space by getting rid of your personal printer.

How Do I Get Started?

ITSS is here to help. We will work with you (or your entire department) on how to start using this feature.

Call the ITSS HelpDesk at 726-8847 and we will verify your copier has the feature enabled. We can then meet with you in person to show you how it works.