Secure Your Accounts

Sep 16, 2021

Use Duo and be aware of new phishing techniques.

Jenny Blaine, Security Analyst with UMN's Twin Cities Office Information Technology (OIT), explained in an September 15 , 2021 email to [email protected]:

While no single step will stop cyber criminals from getting into your personal email or bank accounts, enable two-factor or multi-factor authentication on your most important accounts for more security than passwords alone. The September 2021 edition of the "OUCH! newsletter covers what two-factor authentication is and how to easily set it up, giving your online accounts an extra layer of security.

The University uses Duo Security for multi-factor authentication and requires the use of Duo for current students, faculty, and staff, and users with sponsored and person-of-interest (POI) accounts. New phishing blog postings include:


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