Electronic Course Evaluation Update

Feb 26, 2022

ITSS is officially staying with electronic student course evaluations (SRT).

At the start of the pandemic (Spring 2020) ITSS worked with the University of Minnesota's Office of Measurement Services (OMS) to use the system-wide Student Rating of Teaching system (Explorance Blue) to electronically deliver UMD course evaluations to students.

Electronic Evaluations are Here to Stay

Transitioning from paper-based delivery of course evaluations to electronic delivery of course evaluations has been on the ITSS road-map for some time. In light of optimizing operational changes made during the pandemic, ITSS is officially staying with electronic course evaluation delivery using OMS software and services.


Preparing for course evaluations begins early in the term. We are currently at the stage where academic departmental contacts can review the courses scheduled to be delivered to students via Explorance Blue the last 2 weeks of regularly scheduled classes during the Spring 2022 term. Instructors can reach out to their departmental contact to confirm course(s).

More Information and Help

ITSS Course Evaluation provides:

  • A list of course types that are not evaluated
  • A link to online and in-person form questions
  • Data collection window time-frame
  • Associated student and faculty notifications
  • Tips for increasing response rates

Need General Course Evaluation Information?

Contact Karen Haedtke, in ITSS, at [email protected].

Have eXplorance Blue Questions or Access Issues?

Contact the University of Minnesota Office of Measurement Services at [email protected].