Reminder: Fall 2021 Electronic Course Evaluations

Nov 24, 2021

Don't forget we are going all-electronic this semester. Get details on UMD questions, access, time frame, and using class time.

UMD Approved Evaluation Questions

We worked with the Office of Measurement Services to add UMD approved questions from the paper-based, in-person UMD course evaluation forms into the eXplorance Blue system. This means that:

  • In-person courses will get in-person course evaluation questions.
  • Online courses will get online course evaluation questions.

Again, all evaluations will be delivered electronically via eXplorance Blue.


Students and instructors access course evaluations at the eXplorance Blue dashboard using their UMD username and password.

Time Frame

  • Faculty can view their course lists in eXplorance Blue now.
  • Students can access their evaluation forms when the data collection begins.

The 2-week data collection period for Fall 2021 term classes:

  • Opens to students at 12:01 am, Friday, November 26, 2021.
  • Closes to students 11:59 pm, Friday, December 10, 2021.

Students receive a system-generated email invitation to complete their ratings on the first day of data collection. If they have not yet completed ratings, they will receive up to two reminders before data collection closes. Instructors and departmental contacts will each receive a notification on the first day of data collection advising them that ratings have opened for their course(s).

Use Class Time for Students to Complete Evaluations

We recognize that instructors have less control of the administration of electronic course evaluations compared to paper forms. So, we recommend that instructors plan to set aside time for students during class to complete their electronic evaluation. The UMN Office of Measurement Services provides A Guide to Improving Response Rates.

Further Information

Course Evaluations provides more information.