Classroom Policy for Academic Units

Classroom Management

ITSS manages technology in all general-purpose classrooms on campus. Funding for these classrooms comes from student technology fees and the ITSS recurring budget.

Academic units control some special-purpose classrooms on campus. Technology for these classrooms is funded by the academic unit using collegiate technology fees or other collegiate budgets.

We strongly recommend working with ITSS when designing and equipping special purpose classrooms. By doing so, equipment purchasing, repair and replacement will be more cost effective and efficient.

Services Provided by ITSS

Room Design & Layout

ITSS staff will work with your unit from conception, through needs assessment, equipment specification, room configuration and deployment.

Equipment Purchase & Installation

ITSS and Facilities Management staff will coordinate the planning and installation of network and electrical work needed in the classroom. Our staff will purchase, accept delivery of, set up, and install equipment for you. ITSS staff time and equipment purchased for special-purpose classrooms will be billed to collegiate budgets.

Ongoing Support

We recommend annual testing and cleaning of equipment in special-purpose classrooms. Ongoing maintenance will improve the quality and increase the life-span of your equipment. ITSS will assist you when your equipment needs repair or replacement. ITSS staff will work with you to diagnose and repair, or replace equipment as needed. All repair work, including bulb replacement, will be billed. ITSS will provide spares of standard equipment when needed (based on availability) for up to two weeks at no charge.


Participation in the University insurance program for electronic equipment is strongly recommended in order to have stolen equipment replaced at a reasonable cost (usually a $500 deductible). This program is announced each year, at which time lists of insured equipment are updated. The ITSS contact for the University insurance program is Chuck Bosell ([email protected], 726-8785).


We recommend that equipment be locked in a podium or cabinet. Ceiling-mounted projectors and monitors should be secured to their mounts. Access to the cabinet or podium containing equipment is essential to ITSS support, therefore key access to all equipment under ITSS support will be added to our AV master key. Additional security systems and monitoring can be added for your specific needs. ITSS staff will supervise installation and facilitate 24 X 7 response when problems arise.