Playing a DVD in a General Purpose Classroom

1. Obtain the keys

The equipment cabinet key may be requested by departments or by faculty teaching in this room. Classroom keys and building master keys do not open these locks. Departments with faculty or staff needing access to the AV /computer equipment may want to have a key in their department office available for checkout.

Faculty and staff who make frequent use of classroom equipment may want to request a key for their personal use.

  • A key request card must be completed, signed by the Dean or Department Head, and delivered to Facilities Management Key Shop.
  • "AV Cabinets" must be printed at the top of the card to specify that the requested key is for the equipment cabinet and not for the room itself.
  • A separate key request card for the room must be completed to obtain a room key.

2. Turn on the classroom technology control system

General purpose classrooms are equipped with one ore more control system panels that eliminate most individual remote controls and power switches. A. V. equipment is located in the equipment cabinet or podium at the front of the room. The control panels are usually located on top of the cabinet or podium. Those classrooms equipped with more than one projector have corresponding control system panels labeled: "Left", "Right", "Center".

Press the "ON" or "ON/OFF" button for the projector that you want to use.

Illustration: On Button
Illustration: On/Off Button

The projector will begin warming up. After two to three minutes the projector will be ready for use.

3. Press the "VHS" or "DVD/VHS" or "SOURCE" button on the control panel

Illustration: VHS Button
Illustration: DVD and VHS Button
Illustration: Source Button

4. Turn on the DVD Player and Play the Disc

The DVD player is located in the equipment cabinet/podium.

  • Press the "POWER" button. The unit will turn on and the power indicator will illuminate.
  • Press the "OPEN/CLOSE" button on the player.
  • Hold your disc by its edges and gently place it into the tray with the playback side down. Their are two different disc sizes. Place the disc in the correct guide, If the disc is out of the guide, it may damage the disc and cause the DVD player to malfunction.
  • Press "OPEN/CLOSE" button to close the disc tray.
  • Press the "PLAY" button. The disc will begin. The disc tray closes automatically. You can use the DVD remote for additional functions as needed while playing your disc.

5. Adjust the sound, if needed

Illustration: Volume Up Button

Press the "VOLUME UP" button to increases the sound.

Illustration: Volume Down Button

Press the "VOLUME DOWN" button to decrease the sound.

Illustration: Mute Button

Press the "MUTE" button to cut the sound. Press it a second time to restore the sound.

6. Remove the Disc and turn off the DVD Player

Press the "EJECT" button to remove the Disc. Press the power button to turn the DVD Player off.

7. Turn off the system

Press the "OFF" or "ON/OFF" button to turn off the system.

Illustration: Off Button
Illustration: On/Off Button

The projector lamp will turn off. Approximately one second after that the, lamp will be cooled for about a minute. Then the system will be completely shut off.

8. Close and lock the equipment cabinet or podium doors

Close and lock the doors using the equipment key. Please double check to make sure that it is locked.