Classroom Technology Overviews

General Purpose (GP) Classrooms

UMD Audiovisual supports 87 general purpose classrooms, including a majority of the large lecture halls on Campus.

General Purpose classrooms contain the following equipment:

  1. LCD Projector or Flat Panel Display
  2. Projection Screen
  3. Boundary Microphone
  4. Document Camera
  5. Wireless Presentation Capabilities

Classroom User Guides

  • Boundary Microphones:
    • Front shot of the MXL Boundary Microphone installed in UMD General Purpose Classrooms

      Each General Purpose Classroom contains a boundary microphone with a 25' 180° cone for picking up the spoken word. This is a big upgrade from a laptops' built-in microphone. People speaking outside of 25' 180° cone range will be faint or unheard by Zoom participants. This is a technical limitation that will limit your ability to move freely around the classroom while being heard by all students.

      The podium microphone is connected to your laptop via a USB cable labeled "Microphone". You will have to adjust your microphone settings on the device to make the boundary microphone the primary recording device

  • Document Cameras:
    • Document cameras are standard equipment in general-purpose classrooms. The document camera is best used for writing on paper and can be excellent alternatives to using a whiteboard. Document Cameras can be:

      • Used as a primary camera by connecting to via USB cable,

      • Or, by plugging HDMI Cable directly into the back of the Document Camera as shown in the following image:

        Photo with words: 'Instructor Podium HDMI Cable inserted into HDMI Port on Document Camera'
  • Hooking Up and Using a Laptop
  • Wireless Presentation
  • Playing a DVD

General Purpose Classroom Video Tutorials

Lecture Hall User Guides

Lecture Hall Video Tutorials

Active Learning Classroom User Guides

What Equipment is in My Classroom?

Equipment Loans

TechCenter Classroom Equipment Checkout
Chromebooks, Chromebook carts, projectors, miscellaneous Audio Visual (AV) equipment (speakers, cabling, extension cord reels, etc.) are available.
Multimedia Hub Equipment Checkout
Video equipment such as cameras, tripods, Mac adapters, and other equipment are also available.


If you have any special AV equipment needs, please email [email protected] for a consultation.