Using a Wireless Microphone in an Auditorium

1. Obtain the keys

The equipment cabinet key may be requested by departments or by faculty teaching in this room. Classroom keys and building master keys do not open these locks. Departments with faculty or staff needing access to the AV /computer equipment may want to have a key in their department office available for checkout. Or faculty and staff who make frequent use of classroom equipment may want to request a key for their personal use. In either case, a key request card must be completed, signed by the Dean or Department Head, and delivered to Facilities Management Key Shop." AV Cabinets" must be printed at the top of the card to specify that the requested key is for the equipment cabinet and not for the room itself. A separate key request card for the room must be completed to obtain a room key.

2. Locate and turn on the wireless unit

A lavaliere type wireless microphone unit is located in the podium or A.V. equipment cabinet at the front of the room.

Photo: Wireless microphone

Take it out and place it on you in the position you prefer for your presentation.

A couple of different models of wireless microphones exist.

One Model

One type of wireless microphone has a power button on the front of the unit.

Turn this type of unit on by pressing and holding the "POWER/MUTE" button for a second or two, until the red power indicator and LCD window have come on.

The power button is located on the front of the unit.

Do not press the "POWER/MUTE" button again or it will go into the mute mode.

Another Model

Another type of wireless microphone has a power button on top of the unit.

Slide the power button to the "ON" position.

The power button is located on the top of the unit by the antena.

3. Select the LAV MIC input on the control panel

The microphone is controlled with buttons on the control system panel which is usually located on top of the cabinet or podium.

Illustration: LAV Button

Press the "LAV MIC" button on the control panel.

4. Adjust the sound, if needed

Illustration: Volume Up Button

Press the "VOLUME UP" button to increases the sound.

Illustration: Volume Down Button

Press the "VOLUME DOWN" button to decrease the sound.

Illustration: Mute Button

Press the "MUTE" button to cut the sound. Press it a second time to restore the sound.

5. Turn off the power on the wireless unit, when finished

Slide the power button to the off position or press the button on the front of the unit.

Place it on the shelf in the cabinet.

6. Close and lock the equipment cabinet or podium doors

Close and lock the doors using the equipment key. Please double check to make sure that it is locked.