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Long Description: Figure 8 Change Presentation Sources During an ITV Call

This diagram depicts the touch panel in "Change Presentation Sources in an ITV Call" mode. In the centermpanel the "Presentation Sources" button is selected. That button is located on the left side of the touch panel second from the top.

The main message is:

"Press "Camera Only" to stop presenting a source. Select a source to start presenting that source."

The Options in the Center Panel Include:

  • Camera Only Button (selected)
  • Room PC Button
  • Laptop Button
  • Doc Cam Button

A map of the table arrangement is depicted. Seven tables are dispersed around the perimeter of the room. They elongated semicircular in shape with one flat side flush against the wall.

Each table is numbered. Three tables: numbers 2, 1, and 7 are located on the entrance wall. Four tables: numbers 3, 4, 5, and 6 are located on the wall opposite of the entrance wall.

From the instructor station in the middle of the room the tables are arranged counter-clockwise from 1 to 7 around the room as follows:

  • Table 1 is located on the entrance wall directly to the left of the instructor station. (It is selected)
  • Table 2 is located to directly to the left of table number one. It is next to the left side wall.
  • Table 3 is also next to the left side wall. It along with table number 4 are across the room from tables 2 and 1.
  • Table 5 is in front of the instructor station.
  • Table 6 is located directly to the right of table 5. It is next to the right side wall.
  • Table 7 is located on the entrance wall directly to the right of the instructor station. It is next to the right side wall.

Table 1 is selected as the source.

Additional Categories and Buttons on the Touch Panel Include:


  • ITV Controls Button
  • Presentation Sources (selected)

Far End Volume

  • Increase Volume Button
  • Decrease Volume Button

Mute Outgoing Button


  • Increase Volume Button
  • Mute Button
  • Decrease Volume Button

Transmit Instructor's View Button (selected)

Student Camera Override Button

Tables Current Status

  • Table 1
    • Instructor's View Button
  • Table 2
    • 2 Button
  • Table 3
    • 3 Button
  • Table 4
    • 4 Button
  • Table 5
    • 5 Button
  • Table 6
    • 6 Button
  • Table 7
    • 7 Button