Using Session Collaboration to Remotely View/Control a Session

1. Select Caret Symbol, then the Collaboration Icon

  • On the session that will be remotely viewed click or select the caret symbol "^" in the lower right of the screen to open the system tray.
  • Then click or select on the icon for session collaboration.


Screenshot: Caret symbol and session collaboration icon

2. Enter Remote Collaborator's Username or Email

Enter the University username or email address of the person that will be viewing your session.

To start the collaboration session, choose "Copy Link".


Screenshot: Email and Copy Link Icons

4. Email the Link

Open Gmail and compose a new message to the person that will be viewing the session. Paste the link into the body of the email (Ctrl + V or right click mouse and choose Paste).

  • The text that you are copying should read:

    Please join my Horizon session. Here are some options:

    • Join with web browser: [link]
    • Join with installed Horizon client: [link]

    Don't have a Horizon client installed? You can find it here: [link]

  • And it should look similar to the following screenshot:
    Screenshot: Email links to copy

5. Remote Collaborator "Joins with Web Browser"

The person that will be remotely viewing should open this email and activate or click the "Join with web browser" link.


Screenshot: 'Join with web browser' link

6. Login

Once the link is selected a new tab will open. Enter your University username and password. Then click or select "Login".


Screenshot: VMware Horizon Login

You will be presented with the screen of the remote person.

7. If Session is to be Controlled Remotely, Select Collaboration Icon

If the session needs to be controlled by the remote viewer, have the person that is sharing their screen again click on the session collaboration icon in the system tray.


Screenshot: Caret symbol and session collaboration icon

8. Give Control

Under "Control", click on the slider and select "Yes" on the popup asking if you want to give control.

Screenshot: VMware Horizon Give Conrtol Slider

9. Take Back Control

  • The person sharing can take back control by either:
    • Double clicking the mouse or
    • Pressing a key on the keyboard
  • The person remotely viewing can also take back control by:
    • Clicking on the session collaboration icon in the system tray and
    • Then selecting "Give Back Control".
Screenshot: Take Back Control