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Windows Black and White Printing

Computer Labs

If you haven't already, download the applicable driver for your computer from the labs printing page.

  1. After the driver is finished downloading, click on it and hit unzip 

    Click "Unzip"

  2. Hit OK, then Yes

  3. Click yes to accept the end user license agreement

  4. Select "Traditional Mode" and click next 

    Select "Traditional Mode"

  5. Select "Add a printer using TCP/IP address or hostname" and hit next 

    Add a printer using TCP/IP

  6. Fill in the boxes on the next screen as shown, and uncheck the ‘query the printer…” box, then click next 

    Fill in the boxes

  7. On the next screen, select the custom option and click settings, then click Next

    Choose "Custom settings"

  8. In the settings screen, select the LPR protocol and type ‘BW’ in the Queue name and click OK 

    click "LPR" and type "BW"

  9. On the printer driver page, click nextThe next page will be for the printer name - go ahead and give it a name like ‘UMD Black and White’

  10. Click next and wait for the printer to install

  11. On the printer sharing page, click Do not share this printer, then click next, and the printer will be fully installed