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Photo: ITV and Web Conferencing Room

ITSS has 2 Interactive Television Television (ITV) classrooms that use a Quality of Service network (QoS) to send and receive video and audio. Among the advantages of these classrooms are:

  • Video is much higher quality than a webcam. Images are projected on a large screen or through large monitor, making them easier to see than on a computer monitor. Zooming in on a speaker or widening the view of the entire classroom is possible.
  • Bandwidth is protected, meaning that excessive amounts of Internet traffic will not slow down the transmission of signals.
  • Sound capturing in an ITV room is superior to web conferencing, since ITV uses multiple high-quality ceiling microphones.

Typical Users and Uses

  • Professors use ITV for teaching classes at colleges and universities around the state.
  • University staff hold meetings with their colleagues at coordinate campuses.
  • Graduate students schedule thesis defenses.
  • Students take part in job interviews.

Locations and Staffing

The classrooms are:

They are staffed with a student technician who will:

  • Set up the equipment
  • Answer questions
  • Offer instructions to the professor or facilitator
  • Troubleshoot and contact the remote locations if there are problems

Remote Locations

We've made ITV connections as far away as Italy but most of our connections are to other UM or MNSCU campuses and other locations in northeast Minnesota.


Please visit Interactive Television Rates for our rates. Other locations may charge additional fees for connection, room use, etc. Each location has its own policy. Unusual connections, such as with an international site, may incur some additional charges. We bill monthly via EFS.

Requesting to Use ITV

UMD staff, faculty, and students can schedule ITV meetings or classes all year around, Monday through Friday, by filling out our online request form.

You will need some information from the other site.

  • Does the other site have ITV-equipped rooms?
  • Who is your contact at the other end, or what is the name of their technical staff?

After you submit the request, room availability will be determined. If a room is available, your date, time, and locations will be confirmed with you via email. If the rooms are already booked, then you may need to choose another time. It’s wise to plan ahead as much as possible.


Teaching over ITV requires some preparation. For instance:

  • Font sizes on PowerPoint presentations must be larger
  • Presenters should wear plain colors and not stripes

Other ITV Requests

Other Types of Web Conferencing

Other types of Web Conferencing are also available in Kirby Plaza 173 and 175a. We support WebEx and Google Hangout/ Meet for internet-based web conferencing.

The difference between web conferencing and ITV is that ITV connects with specific locations that have special equipment and it runs over protected bandwidth. Web conferencing can happen with anyone who has a computer and an internet connection. No special room needed. Also, ITV has two cameras, but for web conferencing, there is just one camera. The ITV screen shows your remote location (typically switching between people and presentation) or tiled remote locations. WebEx and Meet have different interfaces that can include windows for chat, presentation, each participant, etc.

You can do your own web conferencing in your office or in any classroom or meeting room. You just need a webcam and microphone. We can lend those out to you if you want to do it on your own.

If you wish to hold a WebEx or Google Hangout/ Meet web conference in Kirby Plaza 173 or 175a, we can schedule those, and our hourly rate applies.

To schedule a web conference, please complete our online request form.

More Information

For further information please contact Sarah Paro at