Captioning 3rd Party Video Services

Captioning challenges arise when the copyright to a video is owned by someone else such as when using another person's YouTube video. Even if they use the automatic captioning option of YouTube, the captions may very well be inaccurate. If someone else owns the copyright, how do we provide accurate captions without changing their video?

Solution Helps Provide Accessibility

The Multimedia Hub has a solution. We can use a special YouTube embed option supplied by their vendor to accurately caption 3rd party videos. It works on many pages on the Web such as a Canvas course site or a standard Web page.

Where the Solution Currently Doesn't Work

On some Web pages such as those in Google Sites, the solution does not work. This is because the necessary HTML code is automatically stripped out. Currently, there is no workaround if the site you are using strips out this HTML code. A Drupal solution is in progress. The Hub will work with you to determine if your site allows the necessary HTML code or not.

Plan Ahead

Having a video captioned by the vendor that the Multimedia Hub uses still takes approximately 4 business days. Planning ahead, whenever possible, is always advised.