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Video Production Studio

Multimedia Hub

As explained in the following video, a production studio suitable for an individual or a small group of people is located in Kirby Plaza 146E.

Studio 146

Transcript of Studio 146

Welcome to the Multimedia Hub's production room, located in Kirby Plaza 146. This room is for those looking for a quiet, and private place, for their small-scale video productions.

This production room has video lighting, microphone and different backdrops including a green screen.

There is also a teleprompter available for use. Using a teleprompter allows speakers in the video to simply follow the teleprompter and not worry about forgetting what to say. Using a teleprompter also allows the speaker to maintain visual contact with the camera and the viewers. The room can be adjusted to best suit your needs.

For requests or questions concerning the production room, located in Kirby Plaza 146, contact Kara Hanson.