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Photo: ITV and Web Conferencing Room

ITSS has 2 videoconferencing spaces that can be used for ITV (Interactive Television) or web conferencing (WebEx, Google Meet):

  1. Kirby Plaza 173
  2. Kirby Plaza 175a

Each room has wall-mounted monitors, speakers, microphones, and cameras.

Tech support is included with each space. Rates are $30/hour for meetings and $18/hour for credit courses. Charges are made via EFS string.

To schedule a videoconference, please submit a request. Please allow at least one week's lead time (more is preferable).


ITV (Interactive Television)
a hardware-based (codec) videoconferencing system operating over the State of Minnesota network. Bandwidth is protected from other internet traffic. It uses two cameras which can be switched back and forth (table camera and room camera).
Web Conferencing
a software-based videoconferencing system via the regular internet. We support the university recommendations of WebEx and Google Meet, which use one main camera per group.