Instructions for Exporting Files for MyU Grade Entry

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The following sections give instructions for exporting from the programs most commonly used for in-progress grade management at UMD. The online tutorial (How Do I Upload?) gives some very good general instructions.

General Tips to Ensure Success

  • Please be aware of the "Last Date of Participation" requirement for students with a "F" or "N."
  • Compare the student list in the program you use to manage grades against the current official roster. Make corrections as necessary. Often students will have dropped without informing you.
  • Make sure everyone in your list has a student ID number and that it is correct.
  • Make sure you upload the correct file.
  • Make sure you type in grades that are acceptable to the Registrar (e.g., no A+ or D-).


To CREATE a Grade Book:

  1. Go to eGradebook.
  2. Enter your authentication information.
  3. Select "Create Gradebook."
    1. pick from the list of classes you are teaching. If your class is not listed please email with the Course Designator, Number and Section (e.g., ITSS 1000 001).
    2. select "Create Gradebook."
  4. Create grade categories.
  5. Create assignments.
  6. If Kathy is entering grades and you would like her to add/update grades, please enter her as an "Owner-designate" in "Access Rights" (Internet ID: kwilson).

To EXPORT Final Grades:

  1. Select the appropriate gradebook.
  2. Select "Reports."
  3. Go to bottom of the page.
  4. Select "Export Final Grades."
  5. Save the file to your personal computer. Pay attention to where you save the file.


Moodle now has the ability to send grades directly to PeopleSoft (MyU).

Finding the Send grades to Peoplesoft option

  1. Go to the course homepage.
  2. Find the Administration block:
  • Click Grades.
  • Click the dropdown menu in the upper right and select Send grades to Peoplesoft.
  • How to Enter Grades in MyU Faculty Center

    Grades may be manually entered or uploaded and approved in the MyU Faculty Center, or you need to approve the grades that have been sent from Moodle. Please refer to the How to Enter Grades in Faculty Center instructions.

    If you encounter problems with entering grades in the MyU Faculty Center, please contact the Registrar's team at 218-726-8887 or


    Before "exporting" from an Excel spreadsheet, you will need to have created a file that has only the required information: student ID numbers and corresponding letter grades.

    To save that file in the proper format:

    1. From the "File" menu, choose "Save As..."
    2. Set the file format by choosing "Text (comma separated value)" from the drop down menu in the "Format" field (Mac OS) or the "Save as type" field (Windows)
    3. Name the file and save it in a location you can readily find later. You might consider naming the file using the class alias and placing it on your desktop to make it easy to locate the appropriate file during the upload process