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Illustration: Office 365. Creating accessible classroom content.

Microsoft Accessibility Course

September 11, 2017

Microsoft has created a short video course to help teachers author accessible content.
Illustration:  Windows 10 Update

Look for a Windows 10 Update

October 28, 2016

An update to Windows 10 computers will be pushed out to campus computers in November.
Illustration:  Active Directory Policy Change

Expanded Admin Rights for Windows AD Computers

September 30, 2016

A change in UMD's Active Directory (AD) policy allows users to install software, add printers, and complete other tasks without calling the... more
Photo: Rows of Windows 10 laptop computers.

Goodbye, Windows 7; Hello, Windows 10

May 2, 2016

Windows 10 will soon be the standard Windows Operating System at UMD.
Illustration: Quicktime logo and player controls

QuickTime for Windows is Unsupported

May 2, 2016

Windows users who don't need QuickTime should uninstall it.