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male to male audio cable

Male to Male Stereo Audio Cable

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Male to Female XLR Audio Cable

Audio Cable Details:

About: There is a variety of Audio Cables to choose from— XLR Cables are used w/ various microphones TR/TRS Cables are your everyday guitar/line cables. RCA Cables may be used in cases of hooking up an old vinyl player/VHS devices for audio/ and much more.
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Useful for: Hooking up Mics to PA Speakers (live events), To record live microphones directly into Audio Interface/Mixer, Connect HH Mics to Zoom Devices, Record Direct audio from Aux (3.5mm) input jack, Connecting Guitars/Live line inputs
Often paired with: Zoom, Tascam, Audio Interface (Scarlett 2i2), Audio Mixer, PA Speakers
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