Illustration with SentinelOne Logo
May 2 2019

SentinelOne is being tested. Installation will be automated with little to no interaction required.

Cartoon: I. T. S. S. Staff News
Apr 21 2019

Becky Nelson was named UMD Staff Woman of the Year.

Logo: DUO
Apr 29 2019

Bypass codes let you sign in even if you have no WiFi or cell service.

Photo: Hand holding computer mouse. Sky background.
Apr 15 2019

Accessibility for people who are physically unable to use a mouse is just one of many web accessibility issues. But it is perhaps the easiest to test.

Canvas Transition
Mar 29 2019

Migration assistance, webinars, sessions, training, and support are available.

Completion Seal: Information Technology Systems and Services eClass
Mar 25 2019

Accessibility eClasses start April 8.

Illustration: Zoom
Apr 30 2019

Learn what it is, how it was chosen, why we are changing, key milestones, and more.

Logo: DUO
Mar 15 2019

Learn what to do in the event that your primary Duo device becomes unavailable.

Illustration: Danger Phishing
Feb 22 2019

Scam artists are now using a targeted version of phishing scams, known as "spear phishing." Don't be their next victim.

Illustration: Secure Printing
Feb 27 2019

Increase security and productivity while cutting costs.