1:Button Studio is Live in Duluth!

Illustration: One Button Studio
January 30, 2018

Record high-quality video on campus without knowledge of lights or cameras.

What is a 1:Button Studio?

The University of Minnesota's 1:Button Studios are fully automated high-definition video recording spaces with professional studio lighting and sound equipment. They are set up to record high-quality video projects without any knowledge of lights and cameras.

You can record 2 people seated at a table, and content from a laptop or other device with HDMI output can be recorded simultaneously. Once you are done with your recording, you will receive an email with links to 4 different views (all with audio) of your recording:

  1. Camera only
  2. Laptop or other device only
  3. Side-by-side camera and device
  4. Device with small picture-in-picture of camera

Location and Reservations

Duluth's 1:Button Studio is located in Kirby Plaza 174.

Reservations for the studio are made through the Kirby Student Center online reservation system, and the key is picked up from and returned to the Kirby Welcome Desk located in the Kirby Lounge.


1:Button studio hours match Kirby Welcome Desk hours.

Who can use the 1:Button Studio?

Duluth campus faculty, staff, and students may use the 1:Button Studio free of charge.