Campus Internet Feed Upgraded to 10 Gigs

Illustration: 10g
November 1, 2016

Increased bandwidth improves service and presents opportunities.

On October 9, 2016 the campus Internet feed was upgraded to 10 Gigabits (Gigs). This work culminated a year's-worth of efforts by ITSS, OIT, and State of Minnesota IT. UMD's previous Internet feed was 3 Gig. The past few months we saw an increase in the amount of times we were using 100% of capacity.

Our new 10 Gig feed will allow us to explore service and infrastructure improvements. We're already investigating the prospect of moving our disaster recovery storage facilities to UMTC. OIT is interested in a reciprocal partnership where they would locate backups for some of their critical systems at UMD.

UMD Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is already serving Pharmacy labs on the Twin Cities campus. The new bandwidth would allow us to expand VDI to more students.

Telephone calls between campuses will eventually run over this new circuit, eliminating toll charges, providing additional savings to the University.

Surveillance cameras, with their high-bandwidth needs, and large storage requirements may also run over the 10 Gig link and be stored at UMTC where the staff who review footage reside.

To summarize, our new 10 Gig Internet feed now meets current demand, and opens the way for many opportunities that will benefit the campus and the 10 remote sites served by UMD's network.