ITSS Benchmarking with EDUCAUSE Core Data Service

 Venn Diagram (3 circles/sets): 'Contibute', 'Use', 'Analyze' combine into overlapping 'CDS Data'.
October 24, 2018

We will be benchmarking more proactively to improve planning and services.

History of Measures in ITSS

ITSS has a long a culture of using measures for continuous improvement. This includes:

  • Feedback from end users of our technology and services
  • Performance metrics

Future With Benchmarking

Moving forward, ITSS will be more proactive about comparing services to external benchmarking, in an effort to:

  • Improve planning
  • Improve service transitions
  • Provide the best services in the most efficient ways

To that end, we are taking a more active role in the EDUCAUSE Core Data Service (CDS) this year.

EDUCAUSE Core Data Service

EDUCAUSE is the primary non-profit organization that connects higher education IT units into a community of practice. UMD has had membership and been active in this organization for decades.

During that time we have also provided data to EDUCAUSE Core Data Service. CDS has evolved into a common data set that compares how IT units in higher education:

  • Spend money
  • Provide staffing
  • Use vendors
  • Support the mission of institutions

As ITSS considers goals in support of the campus mission, we will be using this benchmarking service more actively.

To find out more, visit EDUCAUSE Core Data Service.