Opt in to Duo to Protect Your W-2 and Direct Deposit

Password + Device = Better Security
January 31, 2017

A two-step authentication process provides an extra layer of online security.

Phishing attacks have more than doubled globally in the past year. Phishing attacks are malicious attempts to get your personal information like passwords or other account information. These attacks may come disguised as an email from your friends, your bank, or even the University of Minnesota.

Phishing attacks are becoming very sophisticated and the disguised emails are incredibly authentic looking. Often, you will not know you have been phished until it's too late - when the hacker has used your password to gain access to your accounts.

If you opt into Duo protection for W2 and Direct Deposit, a hacker with your stolen University password cannot gain access to your information. With Duo, to get access you enter your password and then use your phone or device to further verify your identity. A hacker may have your password, but they won't have your phone.

You can use your landline office phone or your personal flip phone or smartphone. When you opt in for Duo protection, it is only required for access to your W2 or direct deposit information. You will not need it to access email or other regular University business.

Opting in costs nothing and takes 10 minutes. Opt in today. Go to the Duo Protection Page for instructions. If you have trouble opting in for any reason, friendly ITSS TechCenter Help Desk staff are available at 726-8847.