Google Hangouts Stops Working with FireFox on March 7th

Illustration: Warning
March 1, 2017

The workaround is to use Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari instead.

As Mike Williams stated in a March 1, 2017 email:

Google announced late last week that Google Hangouts will not work with the next release of the Firefox browser (Firefox 52) coming on March 7. Hangouts relies on plugins to enable video and audio calls, and Firefox has announced that it would end support for browser plugins on it’s 52 release to help improve performance and security.

Users who upgrade to Firefox 52 will no longer be able to use the browser to run video or audio Hangouts, but the chat function will still work. Google is working to develop a solution that will work in Firefox without a plugin.

If you use Firefox as your primary browser and want to use Audio or Video Hangouts, the solution is to use an alternative supported browser:

We will notify you when Google has a solution that will support the next release of Firefox.

Please share this message with those who will be affected by this change.

To learn more, read the official message from Google.