Multimedia Hub Adds New Capabilities

Illustration: I. T. S. S. Multimedia Hub. New video studio and audio description service.
September 1, 2017

We now offer an audio description service and have a video production studio.

In addition to our current Captioning Services, the Multimedia Hub (MMH) has added an Audio Description Service.

Audio Description provides descriptive narration of key visual elements that make visual media inclusive. Like captioning, adding an audio description needs to be done weeks in advance of actual use.

Video Production Studio

A new video production studio suitable for an individual or a small group of people is located in Kirby Plaza 146E. Backdrops including a green screen are available. A live camera operator needs to be present, so use of this room is scheduled with Mary Olson-Reed of the MMH.

More Information

For more information on these and more MMH services, please visit the Multimedia Hub website.