ITSS High Level Goals: Fiscal Year 2018

Illustration: I. T. S. S. Goals F.Y. 2018
December 1, 2017

Goals encompass infrastructure, customer service, learning spaces, process, and innovation.

During Fiscal Year 2017, ITSS met with most campus units to identify needs and discuss ongoing and future projects. Each year ITSS will deliver a report from the previous fiscal year, discuss the current year’s priorities and projects, and solicit input for future endeavors. That process is underway again for the current fiscal year. Goals are based on a combination of identified campus needs, industry pressures (e.g. equipment no longer supported by a vendor), UMN system pressures (e.g. a transition from Moodle to Canvas), and resource opportunities or constraints. The following lists goals that are underway.

Enhance IT Infrastructure

  • Complete transition from the legacy phone system to IP telephony
  • Begin transition to the Next Generation Network
  • Establish off-site disaster recovery data storage
  • Refresh data storage and systems
  • Upgrade surveillance infrastructure

Optimize Customer Service

  • Develop additional Service Level Agreements
  • Spin down obsolete and redundant services
  • Offer new services such as expanded Casper/AD and lifecycle services
  • Leverage common good services

Advance Learning Spaces and Support

  • Build a 1-button Studio for multimedia
  • Support the migration from Moodle to Canvas
  • Expand the number of Active Learning Classrooms

Evaluate & Improve ITSS Processes

  • Strengthen understanding of trends through benchmarking
  • Develop a service catalogue
  • Improve communication processes during projects

Focus on Innovation by Leveraging Local and UMN Resources in New Ways

  • Build capacity in emerging areas of need such as infrastructure tools collaboration
  • Explore data analytics
  • Enhance online support
  • Expand virtual software delivery services