JAMF Updates Enhance Security

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November 30, 2018

New changes include a screen saver and an automatic update process.

At the beginning of spring semester, ITSS will make several changes to the JAMF Management System that will increase security for users and better align our practices with current University security policies.

Screen Saver

One change will be to implement a screen saver requirement that will kick in after 30 minutes of user inactivity. At the screen saver, users will enter their password/passphrase to unlock the computer, as they do when they initially sign in to the computer. This practice is consistent with what is happening on Active Directory managed Windows computers, and pertains to the University Management of End User Device standard.

Automatic Update Process

The second change will simplify the process for installing OS security updates to workstations. Once users upgrade to OS 10.14, security updates will be automatically downloaded to the computer as they are available and the user will be prompted to install the updates at a time they best meets their work needs. This change relates to the Security Patching standard.

These and all University's security standards are available online at Information Security.