Illustration: eClasses ITSS Training
Feb 12 2018

ITSS is pleased to offer 4 web accessibility eClasses this semester.

Illustration: Storage
Mar 22 2018

It offers the campus better performance with less power consumption.

Illustration: Apps 4 You
Feb 26 2018

At the end of fall semester 2017, ITSS added capacity to and improved the performance of Apps4U.

Illustration: Ed Tech Update
Feb 28 2018

A grant deadline is approaching. A webinar series is offered. Canvas sessions and information are available.

Illustration: Ed Tech Update
Mar 29 2018

We have more drop-in sessions, 2 surveys, and Canvas news, including a dashboard, migration update, site provisioning, site removal, and training.

Illustration: Ed Tech Update
Apr 28 2018

Learn about the Canvas timeline, manual enrollment, final grades, site provisioning, sites at end of semester, and site reuse.

Web server collage:
Mar 27 2018

A new application, process, and Service Level Agreement will be deployed.

Illustration: Pay Phone Removal
Mar 26 2018

Because of lack of use and expense all but the 2 most highly used payphones will be removed from campus.

illustration: Next Generation Network
Jan 31 2018

The WiFi conversion portion of the project has been completed at UMD.

Illustration: New  Google Team Drives
Mar 27 2018

After a successful pilot, Google Team Drive will be released to everyone in the University of Minnesota community in May.