Illustration: Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD)
May 1 2017

Celebrate the occasion in 30 different ways.

Password + Device = Better Security
Apr 28 2017

Signing up costs nothing and takes less than 10 minutes.

Illustration: Ed Tech Update
Apr 28 2017

Drop-in sessions for faculty and instructing staff are available during finals week.

Illustration: WCAG 2.1
Apr 10 2017

Mobile access and people with low vision and cognitive disabilities are the focus of the next version of web accessibility guidelines.

Illustration: Tech Jams
Apr 3 2017

"Video, Screencasting and Captioning" and "Google Sites" sessions are being offered.

Illustration: Next Generation Network
Apr 28 2017

New WiFi equipment and standardized WiFi access are part of the network upgrade project.

Illustration: I. T. S. S. Goals F.Y. 2018
Dec 1 2017

Goals encompass infrastructure, customer service, learning spaces, process, and innovation.

Illustration: Ed Tech Update
Mar 31 2017

A Canvas/MoodleRooms open forum and recorded demos are available. Ed Tech events are offered. And locally grown resources are shared.

Photomontage: Nortel to Avaya Aura
Mar 28 2017

The move to our new system is on target.

Illustration: Accessibility First
Mar 6 2017

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