Password + Device = Better Security
Jan 31 2017

A two-step authentication process provides an extra layer of online security.

Illustration: 3 silhouetted stick figures, 2 walking and 1 in a wheelchair, ascend a ramp. Sunrise is in the background.
Jan 24 2017

The Social Model is a way of understanding access issues and how to treat all members of society as equal.

Illustration: Ed Tech Update
Nov 30 2016

Fall semester wrap-up support, a Unizin/Canvas/Moodle presentation, and a new students and technology study are available.

Photomontage: Holiday Phishing Scams
Nov 28 2016

Phishing scams, malware campaigns and cyber crime are prevalent during the winter holidays and shopping season.

Illustration: Web Accessibility Perspectives
Nov 15 2016

Learn how accessibility impacts people with disabilities and benefits everyone.

Illustration:  Windows 10 Update
Oct 28 2016

An update to Windows 10 computers will be pushed out to campus computers in November.

Illustration: Retired HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff
Oct 25 2016

System wide accessibility checking software is being replaced at end of November.

Illustration: Ed Tech Update
Oct 29 2016

A new academic technology advisory group has been formed. Canvas resources and stock media content are available.

Illustration: AccessibleUooza Core Skills Videos
Oct 10 2016

A series of short videos provides a fun way to learn core accessibility skills.

Illustration:  Active Directory Policy Change
Sep 30 2016

A change in UMD's Active Directory (AD) policy allows users to install software, add printers, and complete other tasks without calling the Help Desk for elevated rights.