Illustration:  Windows 10 Update
Oct 28 2016

An update to Windows 10 computers will be pushed out to campus computers in November.

Illustration: Retired HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff
Oct 25 2016

System wide accessibility checking software is being replaced at end of November.

Illustration: Ed Tech Update
Oct 29 2016

A new academic technology advisory group has been formed. Canvas resources and stock media content are available.

Illustration: AccessibleUooza Core Skills Videos
Oct 10 2016

A series of short videos provides a fun way to learn core accessibility skills.

Illustration:  Active Directory Policy Change
Sep 30 2016

A change in UMD's Active Directory (AD) policy allows users to install software, add printers, and complete other tasks without calling the Help Desk for elevated rights.

Illustration:  Procedure and Cost Change for Applications
Sep 30 2016

ITSS is considering a procedure and cost change for ongoing application support.

Illustration: Ed Tech Update
Sep 29 2016

Canvas sessions are being offered. Login pages have a new look. And Ed Tech announcements are available via email.

Illustration: Core Skills include headings, links, lists, contrast, captions, alt text
Sep 30 2016

Start small. Learn just one new skill and integrate it into your daily routine.

Photo: Laptop keyboard. Cursor hovers over the  Accessibility  key.
Aug 31 2016

A new website provides information and strategies for creating a more inclusive, accessible University community.

Illustration: 24 7 Labs
Aug 30 2016

These labs are open around the clock.