Illustration: Accessibility Badging
Nov 14 2019

A new online program of online, self-paced courses can get you started creating accessible content.

Illustration: Inclusive Design Workshop
Nov 5 2019

Faculty are invited to attend a track on universal design in university curriculum. The virtual option is November 22.

Illustration: Windows 7
Oct 31 2019

ITSS is offering 2 options to assist units in the upgrade process.

Accessibility MOOC
Oct 28 2019

Learn how to make courses more accessible in this 5-week Coursera MOOC.

Illustration: PDF Accessibility
Oct 20 2019

Get questions answered about PDF accessibility. Learn the the what, when, why, and how.

Illustration: Accessibility Webinar
Oct 9 2019

Learn about selecting accessible learning content for your courses in a November 14 webinar.

Illustration: Security Tip Sign
Oct 17 2019

A recent article provides information on how can you tell the difference between a phish email and regular correspondence.

Illustration: Ed Tech Update
Sep 27 2019

10+ academic technology roundtables, webinars, and workshops are available in October.

Illustration: A. T. C.
Sep 26 2019

Educational Technology services and sessions are now being offered in a new place.

Completion Seal: Information Technology Systems and Services eClass
Sep 30 2019

Accessibility eClasses start October 7.