Personal Website Opt-in

Web server collage:
September 1, 2017

A new personal ~tilde website process will be deployed in the near future.

ITSS has provided a personal website (~tilde site) service to the campus for more than 2 decades. Any current UMD employee can have a valid personal website in the form of if requested.

Past Issues

Over the years, the service has experienced:

  • Obsolete user files and content
  • University legal liabilities
  • Personal ~tilde sites attempting to meet business needs
  • A demand for increased webserver resources
  • Lack of a procedure to retire unneeded sites

Our new opt-in process will help improve past issues.

New Process

The new process will require ~tilde users to:

  1. Revalidate their sites annually. Otherwise the sites will be purged.
  2. Assume legal responsibility for their published materials.

Time Frame

ITSS expects to deploy the new process in the near future. To ensure service continuity, we will inform users before taking any action on existing ~tilde sites.