Illustration: eClasses ITSS Training
Sep 2 2016

ITSS is pleased to offer 4 web accessibility eClasses this semester. The series begins September 19.

Illustration: I. T. S. S.  Multimedia Hub. New studio space and sound booth.
Sep 1 2016

A new production studio space and sound booth are available.

Illustration: Pokemon Time for Caution
Jul 26 2016

Pokemon Go can help drive traffic to physical sites. But please know it has safety problems and it excludes many people with disabilities.

Illustration: Next Generation Network
May 2 2016

The University of Minnesota has embarked on a mission-critical project to upgrade its networks (wired and wireless).

Illustration:  OpCon Plan
May 2 2016

UMD had a mostly positive experience with technology during a recent power outage. This is due to Operational Continuity planning.

Photo: Rows of Windows 10 laptop computers.
May 2 2016

Windows 10 will soon be the standard Windows Operating System at UMD.

Illustration: Quicktime logo and player controls
May 2 2016

Windows users who don't need QuickTime should uninstall it.

Photo: Laptop keyboard. Cursor hovers over the  Accessibility  key.
May 2 2016

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) has 4 guiding principles. Implementing them places people at the center of your web site.

Cartoon: I. T. S. S. Staff News
May 2 2016

We're pleased to announce the recent hire of two new ITSS staff members.

Illustration: Captioning and Sound Wave
May 2 2016

A new solution helps solve a major issue for captioning 3rd party video.