Illustration: Ed Tech Update
Jan 31 2018

Drop-in sessions, Canvas workshop/training, and a webinar series are offered. Teaching innovation grants are available.

Illustration: Web Standards
Jan 3 2018

The W3C Web Accessibility Initiative released a video introducing web accessibility and standards.

Illustration: Goggle Meet
Dec 1 2017

Video calls added from Google Calendar automatically use Google Hangouts Meet.

Illustration: Google Sites Accessibility
Nov 14 2017

Google Sites is a fairly weak tool for creating inclusive websites. Be aware of its barriers and work-arounds.

Cartoon: I. T. S. S. Staff News
Nov 30 2017

Paul joined us November 13, 2017 as a systems administrator.

Illustration: Ed Tech Update
Dec 1 2017

On campus drop-in sessions and Canvas workshops are offered as well as on-going teaching and learning events.

Illustration: TechCenter Update
Nov 30 2017

The ITSS TechCenter will have new hours spring semester.

Illustration: Goggle Meet
Oct 27 2017

Google's next-generation online meeting tool will be available November 3, 2017.

Illustration: #ID24
Oct 18 2017

Inclusive Design 24 starts November 15 at 6:00 PM central time and provides 24 hours of free around the clock webinars.

Illustration: Ed Tech Update
Oct 30 2017

Moodle courses need to be in Canvas by Fall 2019. Learn how to get started. Become aware of the auto-provisioning schedule, visibility matrix, and upcoming events.