Course Evaluations for Online Courses

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Please email to request a course evaluation for a completely online course.

Evaluations shall be conducted during the last two weeks of classes for Fall and Spring terms.

eXplorance Blue Online Course Evaluation Pilot

The University has had reductions in funding in recent years. This has caused ITSS to reevaluate the current manual process of conducting online course evaluations. ITSS, in conjunction with the Office of Measurement Services (OMS) in the Twin Cities, is piloting a new online course evaluation system. The OMS product, eXplorance Blue, offers the same options for selecting which courses instructors would like evaluated, and delivers the results in the same manner as our current process (confidentially, directly to the instructor), but at a great reduction in staff time and expense. The pilot is open to all instructors of Fully Online courses. It will utilize the same questions as the current online course evaluation. For further information, please contact us at

Summer courses participating in the pilot will be evaluated on the following schedule:



Longer than 60 days

The last 14 days of instruction

Between 35-60 days

The last 7 days of instruction

Between 6-34 days

The last 20% of the class instruction time

5 days or less

The last day of instruction


Instructors may view the response rate to their eXplorance Blue evaluations by visiting their "Dashboard" tab.