Remote "Front Office" in Two Steps

Interested in continuing to provide front office support for your students and visitors, but doing it remotely part or all of the time?  Or maybe splitting the support between multiple staff? 

Two IT solutions may help you do this:  A Zoom "Front Office" plus the Avaya IX Workplace app.

Zoom Front Office

The goal of a Zoom front desk is to allow students and visitors an easy way to reach out and ask a question, similar to how they might pop by an office.  The basic steps are:

  • Establish your Zoom front desk using a departmental internet ID, which will also be the address that receives the email notifications from Zoom. You can also forward the emails to the personal email accounts of others who are helping to support your virtual front desk.
  • Create and share a Zlink and/or QR code for your Zoom Front Desk.
  • When someone uses your QR Code or Z URL to join your meeting, an email is sent to the departmental email address you used to schedule the meeting. Any of the listed alternative hosts can then join the meeting (by following the same Z URL). The visitor will initially be in the waiting room. The host can allow them in and answer any questions they might have.

Interested?  Complete instructions on how to set up and manage a Zoom Front Office are here: Zoom "Front Desk"

Avaya IX Workplace App

The second piece to a productive remote front office is the Avaya IX Worksplace app. The app allows you to use your office phone remotely on your cell phone. The Avaya IX Workplace app will allow you to make and receive calls from your office phone number anywhere you have cellular or WiFi service.

To get started using the app, fill out this request form:  Avaya IX Workplace Request Form.