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Duo Security

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Duo Security at Sign-in

Beginning November 2018, students, faculty, and staff will be required to enroll in Duo Security at the time of their annual UMN password reset, and will be notified by email two weeks in advance.

Why Do We Need Duo Security?

Passwords simply aren't enough anymore. Over the past few years, phishing and identity-theft crimes have increased in higher ed.  At our own University, faculty, staff, and students have had paychecks, tax returns, and financial aid stolen as a result of password theft.  Duo adds another layer of security when accessing your University data.

How does Duo work?

When you visit a secured UMN application:

  • you provide something you know: Your UMN Internet ID and password
  • you verify who you are with something you have (your smartphone, tablet, or cell phone)

To see the Duo app in action, watch this 43-second video.

How will ITSS support Duo?

ITSS staff will be available to assist students, faculty and staff as they transition to the new process:

  • Assist in setting up your primary and backup Duo device
  • Provide and provision tokens at the Help Desk if needed
  • Provide emergency bypass codes through the Help Desk

Got a question?

We're also here to answer your questions about the Duo security process.  Call or email the ITSS Help Desk (x8847, with any questions you may have.