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Procedure: University of Minnesota Duluth

Definitions and Overview

Definition - A domain name locates an organization or other entity on the Internet. For example, the domain name locates an Internet address for "" at an Internet point and a particular host server named "www". The "edu" part of the domain name reflects the purpose of the organization or entity (in this example, "educational") and is called the top-level domain name. Other examples of domain name purposes are:

  • .biz--Reserved for businesses
  • .com--For businesses, commercial enterprises, or online services like America Online. Most companies use this extension.
  • .edu--For educational institutions and universities
  • .gov--Reserved for United States government agencies
  • .net--For networks; usually reserved for organizations such as Internet service providerss
  • .org--For non-commercial organization.

Domain names represent an Internet Protocol (IP) address and consist of a series of alphanumeric "words" separated by periods or "dots". Familiar names such as and are examples of domain names.

University of Minnesota Duluth Information Technology Systems and Services (ITSS) has the responsibility for administering University of Minnesota Duluth's Internet domain names.

Internal Web Names

University of Minnesota Duluth Information Technology Systems and Services (ITSS) has the responsibility for administering University of Minnesota Duluth's web structure and internal web names. UMD uses the naming protocol of or for web sites within the UMD domain. Although it is technically possible to use names of the form or, it would be very confusing to users of our web site, given that so much of our site uses the other convention. As a result, such requests will be denied unless there is some compelling technical reason for the request.

External Domain Names

External domain names are are those that do not end in, for example,

The University of Minnesoa Duluth seeks to maintain a consistent web presence. This allows the highest possible search ranking results. It also identifies UMD units directly with UMD.

Occasionally it is permissible for department programs to use a domain name outside All domains used by UMD must involve legitimate university-related activities.

Reasons to Request an External Domain Name

One reason for a domain may be to protect intellectual property. Another may be to facilitate collaboration between UMD and non-UMD groups. A third reason is to operate a commercial or non-profit organization within the University of Minnesota Duluth structure.

In general, UMD departments, programs, units and organizations are encouraged to use the namespace and avoid publicizing or publishing addresses in other namespaces. Only major business units of the university, e.g., schools, independent centers, or equivalent organizational units of the university may request an external domain name.


All domain name requests will be reviewed by ITSS director. The request with attached ITSS comments will be sent to the Vice Chancellor responsible for the unit for a final decision.

Legal Issues

UMD may require that any requested name be approved by the General Counsel if there are potential copyright, legal, and image issues related to use of the UMD name outside

Identity Issues

The University has also established policies on use of the University of Minnesota Duluth name. Choice of a domain name must not conflict with these policies.

Costs and Application

The unit requesting an external domain name is responsible for the application for the domain name as well as any costs associated with establishing and maintaining the name, including initial and renewal fees for registration. The unit is also responsible for the costs of any other external services related to operating the named service.

Finding Sites

In almost every case, the domain should be pointed at the appropriate UMD domain. For example, the Athletics ( may purchase The domain can then be pointed to Exceptions to this may be granted when appropriate. Each organization with a domain should monitor the relevant web logs and work to make sure that all links reference the related domain.

Technical Support and Charges

In general, domain name service for a new domain will be managed by ITSS. ITSS will not charge for its domain name services, with the exception that the prevailing hourly consulting rate will be billed for work performed to rectify incorrectly registered domains or other problems caused by failure to consult with the webmaster prior to registering the domain.

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