Interactive Projectors


The Epson Interactive Display features a whiteboard, interactive pens, and an interactive display.


The projection system uses a proprietary whiteboard that serves as the boundary of the screen and provides a stable surface to draw and annotate on.


The Epson Interactive Display can be operated by a finger. You can also take advantage of two interactive pens in the classroom.

Pen Diagram: Pen Tip, Battery Light, Function Button, & Attachment to optional strap or cord.

Pens can be found in the convenient holder located on the white board adjacent to the projector.

Photo: Pen holder with 2 pens in it.


The Epson Brightlink Interactive Display enables users to:

  • Write on a digital whiteboard.
  • Control a computer from the white board.
  • Annotate on a laptop screen.
Screen Diagram: Drawing Tools. Whiteboard. Interactive Mode. Laptop Control Mode Off. Laptop Screen.

Connect Your Laptop

The Classroom Podium has 2 cables needed to operate the Epson Display.

  1. USB is labeled "Inter" (short for interactive)
  2. HDMI (video and audio cable)
Photo: USB Interactive and HDMI Cables.
Photo: USB Interactive cable and HDMI cable connected to hub.

Draw and Interact

To switch to PC Interactive mode:

  • Connect your laptop with the HDMI cable and USB interactive cable.
  • Press the PC Interactivity icon on the toolbar.
Icon: Interactive control in 'On' position.

When Interactive Mode is enabled, it is not possible to annotate and write on the displayed computer visual.

Draw on a Projected Image

  1. Project an image from a connected device by connecting the HDMI Cable and Interactive USB to your device.
  2. Turn off the Computer Control Mode.
Icon: Interactive control in 'Off' position.

You will see the drawing toolbar on the bottom of the projected image.

Diagram: Projected Image & Interactive Toolbar.

You can move the toolbar to the right, left, top, or bottom of the screen, use the pen or your finger to drag it to the desired location.

Use the Pen to Write or Draw

For best performance, hold the pen perpendicular to the board, as shown:

Illustration: Hand holding pen perpendicular to the screen.

Do not cover the black section near the tip of the pen.

To write or draw on the projection surface in built-in Annotation mode or built-in Whiteboard mode, do the following:

  • To select a projected item, such as an icon, tap the projection surface with the pen tip.
  • To draw on the projected screen, tap the projection surface with the pen and drag it as necessary.
  • To move the pointer, hover over the surface without touching it.
  • To switch the pen from drawing tool to eraser or a different function, press the button on the side.